Storage technology

Central component of a heating system

Wärme speichern und verteilen

Domestic hot water storage tanks act as a central component of a modern heating and domestic hot water supply system in residential and office buildings. They can perform different functions due to their great diversity of types.  In domestic hot water storage tanks the domestic hot water which is needed, for instance, for showering, bathing or cooking is collected. Buffer storage tanks ensure heating water supply to the heating system over a long period. This allows coupling of heat from renewable energies and CHP systems. So-called combi storage tanks combine both functions.

Minimal thermal loss and the best quality of water

Modern hot water storage tanks have a high energy efficiency. They are characterised by minimal thermal loss and optimised heat transfer and thermal layering. All the hot water storage tanks on the market meet the highest standards of domestic water quality and sanitation.

A buffer storage tank in a heating system is a heat storage tank, which is filled with hot water for heating. It can combine heat from various sources and discharge the heat at intervals. A buffer storage tank helps to compensate for differences between the amount of heat generated and consumed, and thus, level out power fluctuations in the heating system.