Control technology

Reduce operating costs, increase living comfort

Modern heating systems can be intelligently controlled: The output is reduced at night and during the day when there is no one in the house – and the bathroom is nice and warm again in the morning at the time you desire. This saves money and energy and increases the comfort.

It's all about the right technology

Advanced micro-electronics ensure the optimum working of all the components. Your heating system is now so easy to operate and as energy efficient as never before, thanks to the display and touch screen.

You can check your consumption at a glance and know when maintenance is required. This helps in reducing the operating costs and increases the comfort.

Also suitable for renewable energies

Modern control systems can be simultaneously operated with several sources of energy. This makes it possible to integrate renewable energies.

The control technology identifies how much renewable energy is available at the moment and when your conventional heating system has to pitch in. In addition, it can feed excess electricity into the network.

Along with modern communication technology, the heating system in the basement can be easily controlled today from the living room. The technician requires only a laptop for system diagnosis. And many problems can be solved easily online because the faults are automatically communicated.