Oil condensing technology

Convert fuel oil into heat almost loss-free

Modern oil condensing heating systems make heating eco-friendly and more efficient. These devices practically use all of the energy in the oil and achieve efficiencies up to 98 percent. At the same time, oil condensing heating systems can be used together with renewable energy systems: Nowadays, there are many devices which allow an admixture of up to 10 percent liquid biomass. Even solar thermal energy and controlled residential ventilation can be integrated to reduce the consumption and costs further.

Suitable for modernisation

Modern oil condensing boilers use significantly less amount of fuel compared to old oil heating systems because the condensation heat of the flue gas is used. In addition, oil condensing boilers can be optimally combined and operated along with solar thermal energy. The solar collectors help the condensing device in heating and preparing domestic hot water. In summer, the condensing boiler can often be switched off because the solar system heats the water by itself.

Integrating controlled residential ventilation

A controlled residential ventilation system with heat recovery helps in minimising the heating costs even further. In doing so, the used air is extracted from the rooms in the house and fresh outdoor air is circulated into the interior of the building. The moist and used air from the rooms transfers up to 90 percent of its heat energy to the cooler fresh air in a heat exchanger before being circulated into the interior of the building. This not only reduces the costs but also guarantees a very high air quality in the building.