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BDH Board

President | Jan Brockmann
Chairman of the Board
Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, Wernau

Vice-President | Dr.-Ing. Norbert Schiedeck
Chairman of the Board
Vaillant GmbH, Remscheid

BDH Managing Directors

Markus Staudt | Managing Director


Markus Staudt | Managing Director


Dr. Lothar Breidenbach | Managing Director Technology

Technologies and Systems

Caption: The Digital Heating offers a plus in comfort

Caption: The Digital Heating is controllable from everywhere

Caption: Modern condensing technology saves energy and protects your wallet

Caption: Solar thermal: Optimal supplement for every heating system

Caption: Heating with wood pellets not only offers economic and environmental benefits, it's also easy and comfortable.

Caption: Investing in modern heating technology not only saves money, it also protects the environment

Caption: Heat pump uses electricity and environmental heat for heating

Caption: Heat pump use electricity and environmental heat for heating

Caption: SHK-Fachhandwerk advises on modern heating technology

Caption: The heating specialist or the energy consultant advise on modern heating technology

Caption: Process heat: Efficient heat supply systems reduce costs and emissions

Caption: The German heating industry occupies a world-leading technological position