Embedded surface heating / cooling

Regulary heat distribution

Many builders are relying today on embedded surface heating systems both in new constructions as well as while renovating old buildings. These heating systems, unlike radiators, are embedded into the floor or the wall. The systems ensure a uniform and comfortable distribution of heat, since the heat emitted from a large surface area feels pleasant. In addition, they can not only heat but also cool if required.

A system that adapts

The classic floor heating is popular in newly constructed buildings. Installing them in existing buildings is sometimes difficult – because, for example, the height of the rooms is not sufficient or there are load issues with the ceilings below. For such cases, special thin-layer systems are offered.

Cost-effective and comfortable

Embedded surface heating systems work at low system temperatures of 28 to 35 degrees Celsius. They can hence be ideally combined with condensing boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

The low system temperatures create a pleasant, uniform indoor temperature and save energy costs at the same time. In addition, the hidden systems provide more freedom for decorating the interiors.

Effective cooling in summer

If the appropriate system technology is installed, embedded surface heating systems can also be used for cooling in summer: In this case cold water circulates through the pipes. Although the performance of an embedded surface cooling system cannot be compared to that of an air conditioner, it still makes its presence pleasantly felt in summer.

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