Tank systems

Modern technology offers many advantages

Storing heating oil safely

Modern tank systems for heating oil stand for maximum security of supply and economic independence. Storing the energy in one's own tank allows oil heating system users to freely choose the supplier and the best price, because the consumer is free to decide on the timing of delivery.
Heating oil tanks are available in different versions: as underground tanks and nowadays mostly as double-walled safety tanks.

The most common case of oil storage above the ground, the tanks are rarely placed outdoors but are usually installed inside the building – mostly in the basement or in the boiler room itself. As a basic principle, the requirement of secondary protection applies, which is met by the double-wall design with leak indicator or leakage detection system. Modern heating oil tanks nowadays are officially approved by the DIBt for the storage and operation of modern liquid fuels. The GREEN FUELS ready label confirms this for the user.

Counting on double-walled safety tanks

The principle of double safety always applies to heating oil storage. For single-walled tanks, a collection area is required by law to prevent the oil from leaking into water in the event of a leak. This type of installation is no longer common today and tank systems that are more than 30 years old should be replaced by double-walled systems.

Double-walled heating oil tanks can be installed in a space-saving manner – up to 5000 litres directly in the room with the fireplace. These plastic tanks offer many advantages: they have a long service life and maximum safety, so that even a masonry collecting chamber - such as that prescribed for single-walled systems - can be omitted. The tank manufacturers provide a system warranty, which gives users added security. New tanks come with all approvals for modern liquid fuels.

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