Heat from wood

Natural heat

Wood is a renewable resource which absorbs as much CO2 while growing, as it again releases when it is burned. This makes it very eco-friendly. Many people are heating with wood once again - either the entire building or individual rooms. Wood pellets or split logs are mostly used as fuel in single and two-family houses. Owing to the ENplus system, nowadays pellets are subject to strict quality criteria starting from production to delivery.

Fully automatic and easy

Wood pellets are small compressed units which are automatically transported from the pellet storage to the boiler where they are burned as needed. Wood pellet boilers are also available now as condensing boilers and have a very high energy efficiency. In the form of central heating systems, pellet boilers can provide complete room heating and hot water supply, and are now also available as condensing boilers.

Best used with solar thermal energy

Pellet boilers can be combined well with solar thermal systems for preparation of domestic hot water or for heating support: The pellet boiler can be shut off in summer because the solar system provides warm water for the shower and dishwater. This reduces the losses in the pellet boiler when switching on and off.

The nicest place in the house: At the stove

Many homeowners use a wood or pellet stove to heat individual rooms fully or in addition to another heating system. Such a stove emits a very pleasant radiant heat and makes the room more comfortable. It makes sense to install a stove with collection basin. This means that the stove is connected to the heating system via a heat exchanger and simultaneously heats the hot water storage tank or buffer tank during operation.

Holz – die große erneuerbare Energie

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