Ventilation systems

Healthy indoor air - always and everywhere

Every room should get fresh air, and the used and moist extract air should be transported to the outside: Using intelligent residential ventilation systems, the exchange of air is easier to control and far more efficient compared to the conventional windo

Controlling the inflow of outdoor air

A ventilation system has several benefits: The exchange of air is ensured and, at the same time, less noise from outdoors is getting inside. In addition, the humidity is reduced. This protects the building structure and prevents mould formation. Even a pollen filter can be installed if desired, allowing those suffering from allergies to breathe easier.

Saving energy by heat recovery

In the heating phase, each ventilation implies thermal loss because cold and fresh air is coming into the building from the outside. Money can be saved if the exchange of air is adjusted to the required level.

If the energy of the warm extract air is used to pre-heat the cooler outdoor air, then there is a significant potential for savings. Modern systems with heat recovery are able to absorb up to 90 percent of the heat from the extract air and transfer it to the fresh air.

Start planning in time and save money

Renovators should keep themselves updated about modern and reliable ventilation systems early on in the planning stage itself. Thus, the energy-saving potential can be optimally used and costs can be minimised.

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