Modern and aesthetic heating

Modern radiators ensure comfortable temperatures. In addition, they can also contribute significantly in saving energy.

Efficient and flexible

Radiators with small installation widths, low water content and large transfer surfaces help in quickly adapting your heating system to the heat demand and not waste energy unnecessarily. There is a vast selection, ranging from products for low-temperature areas, such as heat pumps, to systems suitable for district heating. Thus, you can save energy both while constructing new buildings as well as during renovation.

The installation location makes the difference

The heat is optimally emitted when the radiator is installed in the right location. The conventional location under the window is still recommended: It makes sense from the energy perspective and provides a lot of freedom for designing the interior. However, bear in mind that radiators should not be blocked or concealed behind curtains.

Pleasant temperatures at the exact degrees needed

New thermostats ensure that the room temperature remains constant. Timed thermostats can even specify to the radiators at what time they should start heating and when they should switch off.

New radiators adapt themselves

Manufacturers offer a large selection of different radiators.

The new radiators usually fit to your existing connections so that replacement is no problem. Simple and quick installation is the rule: drain it, unscrew it, screw it on, fill it - and you are done.

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